Reasons to Collect Emails

5 Reasons To Collect Emails

As a small business owner, how much do you utilize your email list? If rarely, or even worse, you don’t even have one… it’s time for to seriously reconsider starting to leverage one.  

Here at All-Systems we were honestly in the former position not too long ago.  We collected our retailer’s email in case we needed to email them an invoice or something, but other than that we never really utilized it.  That is, until our SVP, Corrie LoGiudice, wanted to start getting in touch with our retailers on a more regular basis to really get a better handle on what their needs were.  

Shortly after she started sending a weekly message to our retailer base, the return on the investment has come through tenfold.  It’s not only resulted in more ideas and opportunities for us all to succeed in business together, but it’s also re-engaged our retailers as a community.

It’s important when thinking about your email list to instead viewing it as  bunch of emails, to instead think of it as your audience.

For example, a recording artist would  never be able to fill a music venue at their concerts if they don’t let their audience know when the show is, or keep their audience if they didn’t share new tracks.  Imagine if a recording artist never updated people on their email list or gave them an opportunity to subscribe!

A true fan will want to be at every show and buy every album.  But if they’re never told where to be or what to buy, they’d lose interest.  Fast.

As small business owners, we need to manage our email lists the same way recording artists do and really engage our audiences.  Why would we want to do this? Here are five reasons you’ll want to collect emails, starting today.

5 Reasons To Collect Emails

Your Audience is Your Asset

An opted in, engaged email user is a very valuable asset.  It doesn’t matter if they’re an interested prospect or existing customer, the fact that they signed up for your list and want to hear from you regarding your offerings speaks volumes.  

Best part is, if you keep your audience engaged, they’ll move with you.  So if your business opportunities change, you’ll still have a base to communicate your new offers with.

Better Communication

Leverage your audience to spread the word on exciting promotions, new products, and not-to-miss events.  You can also mine your audience for feedback on the products and services you sell, what their needs are, and what they’re looking for in their customer experience.  If done right, email can become a two way communication, getting you direct access to your audience on a regular basis.

Higher Engagement

Because the user had to opt-in to receive your emails, this shows they already have interest in your message, products and services.  You’ll find that the more you communicate with them, that the more likely they are to buy from you as a result. It’s much easier than working with a cold lead.

Quicker to Market

Have an exciting announcement or a new product or service to launch?  Having a large email audience gives you an opportunity to get the word out to an audience who is  already interested in what you have to offer, at the click of a button. Can’t get easier than that.

High ROI

According to email marketing solution Constant Contact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing you can expect $38 back.  Try getting that with print advertising nowadays. Also, according to Media Post, the ROI on email marketing is 122%.  That’s four times higher than social media, paid search and direct mail.

Ready to get your email list engaged?  First step is to make it easier for people to opt-in to your list.  Make sure to add a signup option to your website, social media pages, and have sign up sheets at events you work.  Also be sure to add any new customers to your list automatically.

Second step is set a schedule and stick to it.  It can be once a week, or even once a month. The key thing is to be consistent.  

What’s your favorite way to keep in touch with your audience?  Leave us a comment below.