Attend These Two DISH Trainings and Increase Your Sales

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to attend two DISH retailer training’s within two days!

Make the most of your travel time by getting twice the information while attending sessions at our Lebanon, PA branch.

Upcoming DISH Training

DISH Sales Training

DISH Sales Training and Support will be holding a training event for us on Tuesday, February 27th from 10 am to 2 pm.

In this training you can expect to cover:

Hopper Duo Escape Room:

Game On! Learn how the Hopper Duo differs from the rest of the Hopper Family in a fun, interactive way with our Hopper Duo Escape Room.

Competitive Analysis Tool:

Get acquainted with the best tool to help you tackle the competition by hunting through the brand new Competitive Analysis Tool debuting on DISH Portal.

DISH Dice Game:

And finally, in “Zoom In”, participants will practice their sales skills using our new DISH dice to conjure up customer objections they may encounter with the new offer.

Lunch will be provided.  Space is limited, register here.

Smartbox Installation Certification Class

All-Systems Retailers are leading the pack in Smartbox Sales, and now’s the time to get involved if you haven’t been already.  We’ll be  holding a Smartbox Certification class on Wednesday, February 28th from 9 am to 3 pm.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Smartbox – and for good reason. It is the new DISH Business video distribution platform that provides entertainment to an entire building from equipment smaller than a piece of carry-on luggage! The target market for Smartbox is huge, encompassing millions of viewers in properties such as hotels, apartments, condominiums, hospitals, assisted-living residences and university student housing.

Game-Changing Technology

Commercial installations are complex. Traditional headend systems require racks of equipment, hundreds of cables, multiple switches and various third-party components. Cobbling these parts together takes days of work and, sometimes, results in inconsistent quality. Plus, property owners must go to the expense of providing a climate-controlled room for such systems.
Enter smartbox, a ground-breaking new product with the ability to deliver flexibility,
energy efficiency and reliability from a single platform – and change the world of DISH Business for good.

Key Benefits

The days of complex commercial installation and maintenance are over because Smartbox:

  • packs a lot of power in a small package – just 8.7 inches (H) x 17.6 inches (W) x 15.8 inches (D);
  • comes ready to install and its modular design provides the most flexible and scalable capabilities of any commercial headend;
  • has the highest level of integration (input and output signal processing) for a higher quality installation and fewer points of failure;
  • decreases the technical expertise required for installation, configuration and troubleshooting;
  • has all connections and replaceable components on the front of the unit for easy accessibility and to allow wall mounting in tight spaces;
  • consumes at least 70 percent less power when compared with anything else on the market;
  • needs just 5RU (9 inches) clearance, so it can be placed anywhere;
  • can operate in temperatures up to 122°F, so it eliminates the need for expensive, cooled rooms; and
  • can be remotely managed and monitored by the Retailer and by DISH via an integrated 3G wireless modem, enabling remote troubleshooting and eliminating costly truck rolls.

SMARTBOX Fulfillment and Certification

Because of its modular design, the cost will depend on system configuration. For example, a 40-channel HD Pro:Idiom headend for a hotel would cost approximately $7,500. Please contact your All-Systems Account Manager for availability and more information.

Before you can install and activate smartbox, you must complete a smartbox certification class. The cost per participant for this hands-on course is $199 plus a $59 testing fee. 

Both All-Systems Retailers and Echosphere retailers are welcome to register for this certification session.

To register for this event, click here.


Where to Stay

Looking for a place to stay to attend these trainings?  Click here for hotels in the area.



If you have any questions regarding these upcoming training events, you can contact your All-Systems Account Representative or call us at 800-836-4590.


Planning on attending?  Leave us a comment and let us know to expect you.