DISH Team Summit Classes

Our Top 5 DISH Team Summit Class Picks

You did it! You finally registered for DISH Team Summit, booked all your flights and settled your hotel accommodations. The next step is always the hardest… trying to decide which of the many classes being offered you’re going to take time to attend.

All-Systems always makes attending the offered trainings a priority, even for our own employees. So we asked our VP of Sales, Evan Schieren, to give us his list of the top 5 classes his team will be both attending and suggesting to our retailers.

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DISH Distributor Principle Meeting Photo Diary

Richie and Corrie just got back from a jam packed week at DISH Headquarters discussing everyone’s business plans into 2018.  Our retailers will receive an update from Corrie directly about the meeting’s key highlights, but for those of you who have ever wondered what attending a meeting at DISH Headquarters is like, we created a short photo diary for you to share the experience.

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