How Not Listening Makes You Lose Customers Sales

How Not Listening Makes You Lose Customers

Did you know that according to a recent survey, that 69% of potential customers agreed that if they felt listened to, that it would motivate them to make a purchase?

We’re not surprised.  All-Systems has been a big proponent of utilizing call tracking numbers on our retailer’s marketing campaigns in efforts to help improve their sales pitches.  Listening to the calls has been an eye opening experience.

Once, while  listening to call, the caller literally opened by saying “I got a flyer in the mail from you for DISH, and I’d like to get set up”.  

This retailer ended up losing the sale.  Want to know why?

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DISH Team Summit 2018 DISH

10 Reasons Not to Go to Team Summit

Trying to decide if going to DISH Team Summit this year will be worth your while?

The annual, 2018 event will be happening from Tuesday May 1st through Friday May 4th in sunny Orlando Florida.

As soon as registration opened, the All-Systems Account Management Team didn’t even need to call everyone, because we already know why retailers won’t be going.  So we figured we’d compile a list of the ten reasons why you DON’T want to attend Team Summit this year.

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