4 Signs You Aren’t Ready for the Promo

You may or may not be aware that this week is kinda a big deal.  The new DISH offer starts January 16th, which is TODAY.  Think you and your team are ready?  Here are four signs you may not be.

4 Signs You Aren’t Ready for the New DISH Promo

You (and/or Your Team) Haven’t Registered for One of the Webinars

They’ve been running these since last week.  You may still be able to catch one of the ones they are doing today (11:00 AM, 1:00 PM and 2:00 PM). For the full list on Portal of webinars and their corresponding registration links, click here.

You Haven’t Ordered Any Advertising to Promote It

If you check the BrandDRIVE site, there’s already Direct Mail, Print and Radio creative options for the Q1 Offer.  For easy access to all the designs, when you log in just click on the “2018 Q1 Offer” tab on the homepage slider and that will take you to everything available.
If you would like assistance planning a campaign, please reach out to myself or your All-Systems Account Representative.  We’re all here to help.

You Haven’t Printed Out the Talking Points

If this is you, we’ll make it really easy for you.  Contact your All-Systems Representative to get the document, then hit print.  Make lots of copies for yourself and your sales team.

You Haven’t Bought a Hopper Duo Yet

This receiver is the new kid on the block and the backbone of this promotion.  If you haven’t purchased one for your showroom or inventory yet, now’s the time to do so.  Contact your All-Systems Account Representative today!
How ready are you for the new promo?  For more information or assistance with creating your Q1 Promotion business plan, please reach out to your All-Systems Account Representative.  I also would love to hear what you think of the new offer, so comment below and let us know your thoughts!
DISH Team Summit 2018

10 Reasons Not to Go to Team Summit

Trying to decide if going to DISH Team Summit this year will be worth your while?

The annual, 2018 event will be happening from Tuesday May 1st through Friday May 4th in sunny Orlando Florida.

As soon as registration opened, the All-Systems Account Management Team didn’t even need to call everyone, because we already know why retailers won’t be going.  So we figured we’d compile a list of the ten reasons why you DON’T want to attend Team Summit this year.

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